This a variation of Cooking Dash 2016 with Gordon Ramsay.  By clicking him when fully charged, it auto serves all customers.


Big Bay Burgers, San Francisco

Pizza Paisan, New York

Delish 'N' Chips, London

Lucky Langoustine, Las Vegas

Prato Toscano, Prato

Ultime, Paris

Dragon Bowl, Hong Kong

Sweet 'N' Savory Street Food, Singapore

Dubai in the Sky, Dubai

Poutine Pool Party, Toronto

Casa Cubana, Havana

Kiwi Cottage, The Otago (Region in New Zealand)

The Royal Orchid, Bangkok

Black Stump BBQ, Middle of Australia

CARNEval Steakhouse, Rio

Blue Nile Vegetarian Bistro, Addis Ababa

Diner De Los Muertos, Mexico City

Gastroyacht Pacifica